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Okatshe Tropicana Atlantic City Overview Experience Indulgence

Okatshe , Unique, Trendy, Hip, Happening, Very Cool and an Iron Chef Jose Garces' eatery. 

OK, now that I covered that, Okatshe is Sensational. 
This was a return visit as I had covered the opening in March 2017
Okatshe's homepage say's it's a take on a modern day Izakaya. Here's how Wikipedia defines an Izakaya. 
"An izakaya is a type of informal Japanese gastropub. They are casual places for after-work drinking. They have been compared to Irish pubs, tapas bars and early American saloons and taverns."  I agree It Is That and More.
From the minute you enter through the secret entrance in the candy storeon the casino floor you will love it.

The atmosphere is a re-creation of a street in Japan. The signs and open plan kitchen with the steam and smoke rising from the grills will make you think you're in Japan.

 Okatshe is just fun.
Now to why we came. The cuisine. Small Plates, Yakitori (skewers), Ramen, Sushi & Sashimi and Maki.
We kept ordering and they kept bringing food. Here's the rundown and I won't comment on every item wait until the end for my summary.

Negima (Breast) Skewer, Kalbi (Beef Short Rib) skewer, Sausage Skewer.  


Chashu Buns (Pork Belly, Hoisin, Cucumber)

Asuparabecon ( Asparagus wrapped in bacon) and Mushrooms
Dessert Assorted Ice Cream

We also had chicken wings not pictured

My wife Luxury Travel Specialist Susan Berman joined me. I am not a restaurant critic I know what I like and when I go in for a dining experience I dig right in, when I find a place I truly enjoy I share here on Experience Indulgence and my Daily Publication
The flavors, seasonings and the way EVERYTHING was prepared put this at the top of my list for Atlantic City and South Jersey area small plates, sushi and Asian cuisine Okatshe is the place. You will love it here, It Is Exceptional
The drinks are imaginative and they have a Friday and Saturday late night happy hour 10pm to 2am with a DJ "In Da House"

Okatshe is located in the Tropicana Casino Atlantic City

For everything Okatshe information please visit

All Photos By Marc Berman

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