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Atlantic City Cinefest to Screen World Premiere of “The Samaritans”

Source: Joelle Sokolic, Vice President, Atlantic City Cinefest

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – Atlantic City Cinefest celebrates its 10 year this October 13-15. As a part of their big weekend, the festival will screen a world premiere of “The Samaritans” on Sunday, October 15 at 4:30 pm within the Dante Hall Theater.

“The Samaritans”, directed by Doug Bollinger, is about four co-workers who get together to finish a project at their manager’s home. They haven’t met face to face and they discover they have more in common than the new App they are perfecting. As they piece together their histories, they realize that each of them has a deadly secret that could reveal a way out or seal their fates.
The movie stars actor Keith Collins, who also was part writer in the film. “The Samaritans was wild ride with a hand-picked team, This project was an experiment and Doug Bollinger, Cory Green, Matt Grego and I were the mad scientists. This movie was a team effort and tested our creative limits. We had the limitations that most independent filmmakers had of time, money, locations. We just never limited our creativity,” Collins says about the making of the film.

Tickets for “The Samaritans” and the rest of the festival are available now. You can view the entire weekend line up at Atlantic City Cinefest’s website. Prices are $40 for a Weekend Pass; $25 for a day pass and $5 for a single block of films. Tickets are available through Stockton University at and at the door. For more information on the festival, visit


The Atlantic City Cinefest celebrates the art form of independent moviemaking. The festival has hosted Kevin Smith, Terry Winter, Robert Downey, Sr., Blanche Baker, Scott Rosenfelt, William Forsythe, Dominique Swain and Brian O'Halloran during the first nine years. Presented by Downbeach Film Festival, the Cinefest shows movies at Dante Hall Theater, 14 N. Mississippi Avenue and the Noyes Arts Garage, 2200 Fairmount Avenue. Both venues are managed by Stockton University.

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