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Havana Cuba Videos, Photos and Blog from Berman Travel

Experiencing Havana is truly sobering, enlightening and educational. I would not consider Cuba a Beach destination even though they have sensational beaches including Varadero. For travelers from the United States it should be an Exploration Vacation to see the contrast of neighborhoods, meet the people sample the cuisine, visit the historic sights including Revolution Square, dance to the music..Salsa and learn about the culture. Marc Berman, Blogger / Berman Travel Marketing Director

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I hope you enjoy these videos and photos I captured and produced on my Havana Exploration with Berman Travel Owner and my wife Susan Berman

An American passport provides entree into nearly anywhere in the world…and now, for the first time in over half a century, Cuba re-enters the list of possibilities.

Please Enjoy These Videos and Photos From Berman Travel's Susan Berman on a Recent Exporation Vacation in Havana. The Berman Travel team has everything you need to travel to Cuba

Take A Drive Around Havana In This Berman Travel BermVid

Havana nights, hazy with humidity and the ghosts of hand-rolled cigars, have long been relegated to imagination.

For years now, the visiting this storied Caribbean country—ranked highly for human development, health, and education—has been shuttered to us, a vacation there as intangible as the steam that rises off its famous coffee.

Floridita Bar Restaurant Where Hemmingway enjoyed his Daiquiris

But no longer, as beautiful Cuba opens up its borders once again to the United States. We’ve all but forgotten the colonial allure of Old Havana; the call of rumba in the night; the acres upon acres of fragrant young tobacco; and of course, the cobalt coastlines of this island nation...but now it’s time to remember. 

The Show at Habana Cafe Celebrating the Buena Vista Social Club

Set your taste buds dancing with an authentic mojito and your feet to the sultry sounds of salsa. Immerse yourself in the art of Cuba, starting with galleries of graceful buildings and ending at those of fine art and museums, escorted by the artists themselves. Sink your seat into the cushions of a gleaming classic car, then your teeth into a lovingly crafted meal at a paladar.

Go Under The Hood of a 1957 Ford Fairlane with Original Engine in Havana Cuba

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the culture of Cuba is one that is destined to make a lasting impression.

Plaza de la RevoluciĆ³n, "Revolution Square"

Berman Travel offers Cruises to Cuba and People To People Exploration Vacations.

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Obispo Street  is one of the most famous and traveled streets of Havana It is the longest 
Boulevard in Havana. 


A tour like this isn’t a vacation—it’s the experience of a lifetime. Carefully crafted itineraries put culture at the forefront, providing an authentic lens into the lives of the people of the destination. Activities that enrich, sights that astound, and conversations that will stay with you forever are the focal points, even as you traverse through land- and cityscapes that defy imagination. This category of tour is the only one permissible from America to Cuba at this time, allowing a greater understanding between our two nations through individual connections. A full-time schedule of mandatory educational exchange activities encompasses encounters with representatives from different organizations, institutions, community projects, and cultural icons. Speak with teachers and students, artists, dancers, musicians, chefs, farmers, doctors, architects, and more as part of a small group making huge memories. That’s the power of people-to-people.

Berman Travel Owner Susan Berman

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