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Resorts Casino Hotel Welcomes Comic/Hypnotist Flip Orley On His Two Month Residency

Source: Resorts Casino Atlantic City
Sleep Has Never Been So FUNNY! Live this July to September in the Screening Room
ATLANTIC CITY, NJ (May 29, 2018) – Resorts Casino Hotel welcomes Comic/Hypnotist Flip Orley for his two month residency from Tuesday, July 3rd and running through Saturday, September 1st.  Since Flip Orley burst onto the comedy scene he has single – handedly reshaped the image of hypnosis from its vaudeville image to an act that is hip, edgy and hilarious.  Fans will have a chance to see the comic/hypnotist in action at Resorts Casino Hotel throughout the summer.  Shows will take place at 9:00pm, Tuesday through Saturday, inside the Resorts Screening Room, located on the hotel’s tower conference level.
Ticket prices are $25.00 and on sale now through Ticketmaster at or by calling 1.800.745.3000. Tickets are also available at the Resorts’ Box Office.
Flip’s appearance on the Today Show brought rave reviews and stopped traffic in midtown Manhattan where he completely transforms the reality of his volunteers. His one-man show has set comedy club attendance records across North America. When Flip takes the stage and rolls up his sleeves, faithful fans and new comers alike find themselves captivated with his mind blowing show packed with fun and laughter. What sets Flip apart from others in his craft, is his true comedic ability to deliver a top notch stand up set before unleashing his volunteer’s subconscious imaginations creating an experience they will never forget.
The Los Angeles Times attests that “…the beauty of Orley’s show is that, most of the humor comes from the volunteers, and no two performances are alike.” The Dallas Morning News reports, “It’s difficult to remain skeptical after seeing Flip transform a panel of well-behaved audience members into a family of trailer-park dwellers from Arkansas, southern accent and all!”
Flip has been seen on Entertainment Tonight, The Martin Short ShowComic Strip LiveThe Ricki Lake ShowMaury Povich and Space Ghost Coast To Coast. It is his uncanny way with subjects, his finely tuned power of suggestion and his own creative imagination that keeps audiences coming back for more.  Unlike past generations of hypnotists, Flip is adamant about not embarrassing his volunteers for the sake of comedy, but entertains by enlightening his audiences…often with lasting beneficial effects on those who have been inducted. “I want the audience to laugh with them, not at them,” he says.  “This is the purest form of improvisational entertainment you will ever see as the show rewrites itself every night, and the volunteers are my partners, not my victims.  Each subject is treated with respect and gentility.”
Flip’s subjects experience everything from forgetting their own names, to being regressed to age 5 or pledge their undying love to complete strangers in a highly original version of “The Newlywed Game.” Flip’s volunteers often awaken from their hypnotic trance reporting they feel more relaxed, less stressed, are able to sleep better, have more energy and a renewed libido!
Flip’s journey to becoming the country’s hippest hypnotist of his time began when he bought a book in the 6th grade called How to Pick Up Girls Through Hypnotism.  Although the advice in that particular book did not pay off, Flip became obsessed with the subject, realizing the creative potential and learned everything he could about it.  He studied psychology at University of Arizona with the intention of becoming a clinical hypnotist.  It was while majoring in psychology at the University of Arizona, however, that he discovered stand-up comedy.
Hypnosis took second place for a time as Flip honed his comedic skills in small clubs around the country eventually merging the two.  The rest is comedy club history as marquees across the nation invariably read “Flip Orley/Held Over By Popular Demand,” for up to 12 weeks at a time.
Realizing the value of the clinical side of hypnotism, Flip developed techniques in seminars and workshops to help people get in touch with their inner strength through the power of their own subconscious minds. Flip’s self-help CD’s address a variety of issues such as, stress management, weight control, quitting smoking and sleep disorders. Dentists, doctors and patients who are allergic to anesthesia have called upon his abilities.  Flip assisted one dentist who operated on a patient for almost 2 hours without an anesthetic.  The subject awakened without pain and thought the whole thing was a scam, until she looked into a mirror.  He’s been credited with helping to bring difficult pregnancies to full term through stress control, and aiding couples in rekindling the passion in their relationships. His stories of subconscious creativity will have you laughing out loud.  Flip maintains that he teaches his subjects how to successfully explore their own creativity, imaginations and unlock their subconscious minds.

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