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Meet Me In The Zone, It's Atlantic City's Libation Zone

Atlantic City is one of only 5 Cities in the United States where Bars, Clubs and Lounges can stay open 24/7/365 OUTSIDE THE CASINOS.

It is also a city where millions come to party and imbibe.

There is a new area in Atlantic City, we call it "The Zone" where new bars are joining the established bars and saloons in a three block area. 
To make things happen you need "Dreams, Drawings and Dollars"..Two Jersey developers had dreams, produced drawings then put up the dollars to make this happen..and It's Happening. These are awesome hangouts on...
New York Ave, St James Place and Tennessee Ave.

You can experience various libations and very cool atmosphere and vibes at these great drinking establishments in the Atlantic City Libation Zone

The Irish Pub since 1978 is Open 24/7/365  A Truly Authentic Irish Pub over 40 years, same owners

Pic A Lilli Pub, The Best Wings On The Planet

Bouree, The Best of NOLA cuisine, live music and events often

The Tennessee Ave Beer Hall, 40 Beers on tap and 100 on premises, plus an incredible chef and an outdoor firepit!

Made Chocolate, Chocolatiers who also have a very imaginative cocktail menu and the BEST mojito I ever had...It's a Chocolate Mojito

All Just Steps Apart

BTW: When you visit the Irish Pub open 24 hours after the others closed and you left the Irish Pub in the morning. Hayday coffee is open for your java jolt you most likely will need.

Coming Summer 2019 another new bar with live music


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